Setting up JRiver

Thanks for tuning in. I created this guide a while back, so let me know if anything is unclear! jRiver has been releasing many updates from when these videos were created, but most of this information is still accurate.

Setting up JRIver, Part One: Intro (20:39) 

This tutorial handles these topics:

  • Introduction 
  • Installation 
  • Importing music 
  • Setting up DAC/output 
  • Basic JRemote setup

Part Two: Tagging and Custom Views (21:07) 

  • Tagging techniques 
  • Filling tags from file info 
  • Tag Pasting 
  • Mass tagging ideas 
  • Building customized views 
  • Exporting them to JRemote

For Chord Mojo users: the Mojo uses the same drivers as their other DACs.  Make sure bitstream is set to DSD and you should be good to go.  Leave everything off in "output" on the DSP screens.

exaSound JRiver Settings

NADAC JRiver Settings

How to create Multi-artist "albums" in jRiver Media Centre

JRiver handles multiple artist in one album VERY easily.  Simply set album/artist to "multiple artists" (JRiver will normally do that anyway, and label it under "Various Artists" by default).  This way the artists per song is kept fine (so one can sort or search for 'Odd Pearls', for example), but the album is treated as an album.(See pic)" if you'd like to get some more in depth tutorials, watch the video's posted here and here.

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