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Automatically Renaming Album Folder to Artist-Album format (Windows)
Automatically Renaming Album Folder to Artist-Album format (Windows)

An Easy Guide to NativeDSD Downloading and Automatically Renaming Album Folder to Artist-Album format (Windows Only)

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If you are anything like me, first I am so sorry.  :)  Second, you like your NativeDSD music a lot!.  Third, you would like to download only the music folder (i.e not all the nested folders that our Amazon host gives you).  And finally, you would like the music folder to be in something like Artist - Album format instead of, say, SACHR75130 (which is our partner label catalog number).

Well, I have an easy solution.  It will require unzipping/extraction software you most likely already own, and a piece of freeware called MP3TAG.  Before we get started, download MP3TAG.  It is a good tool for many things.  This article explains how to use it for one already-mentioned issue.

  • OK, so, first, when you first see your unzipping/extraction software open up (when the download is finished) do not extract the whole thing.  Instead click down to the actual music folder (usually three levels deep).

  • Extract that final folder to where you store your music.  It should be then simply one folder (assuming you bought one format version of the music; otherwise do the same for all final folders).  

Let's say it is a folder called SACHR75130, and in it are 13 DSF files.  Our metadata team, led by Tom and I, tagged these files so that they would have embedded info like artist, album, genre, etc.  We are going to use these tags to automatically rename the folder.  Enter MP3TAG.

  • Open MP3TAG (or if you installed it with Windows Explorer autoshell, which is a default, then simply right click on your folder name while in Windows Explorer and you'll see MP3TAG).  If you open it first then just do File-> add directory (an album folder is called a directory).

  • And then highlight all the tracks

  • press alt-5 to bring up te rename menu

  • then type in _DIRECTORY (use the underscore and then all CAPS). 

  • Then pick what tags you want to use to rename the folder/directory. I use Artist and Album, which are two standard ones in the dropdown list to the right (see pic).  I also added a dash between them for readability. 

  • Hit ok and it should be done in 5 seconds.  When you go back to Windows Explorer (refresh it by going out then back in your master directory) you'll see the folder was renamed.

Although this seems a bit complex, in reality it will take you 3 minutes the first time, then a minute or two after that (typing _DIRECTORY is all that needs to be done each time).  Moreover, you can do multiple folders at a time, again assuming they are unnested folders.  If they are nested under, say, an artist parent folder, only the subfolder is affected.

Note:  if you are renaming an album folder that consists of multiple artists  (for example, samplers like Super Artists on Super Audio Vol. 4) then just use Album as your tag, not Artist-Album.



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