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Some pointers on how to add music to the cart

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  • Before adding a the music to your cart, please decide if you want DXD, DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256 or DSD 512*.

  • Then, choose if you would like a Binaural**, Stereo or Multichannel Mix (or a combination of ST+MCH).

As a result of these two decisions you make, the site calculates the pricing (see image below). This is because some selections contain more data, and are thus more expensive (for us to host and deliver).

  • If you need more advise and information on what to actually choose, please read this guide.

Selection area

This is the area you will need to start your selection. You can find it right below the album information and above the track listing.

After choosing a combination between the two rows, you can add the album to the cart by clicking on the add to cart button.

Don't know which combination to make?

Please read our information guide on the different options here.

[Some albums only come in one possible selector combination]

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