Audirvana can be fully controlled by iTunes for the playback operations (tracks selection, play/pause, seek, … the usual iTunes way of playing music). This also gives you the opportunity to use the Remote application running on iPhone or iPad for remote control.

But note that the sound quality will be affected by having iTunes running along with Audirvana Plus.

In this mode, the Audirvana Plus main window is still active and can be raised if desired by clicking on the Audirvana Plus dock icon.

Although iTunes is in control, the parameters set in the Audirvana Plus user preferences still take precedence over any iTunes/AudioMidi Setup similar configurations.

Note that Audirvana Plus will play all iTunes music files (except DRM protected, tracks on the Cloud or on Home Sharing libraries), and automatically deactivate itself for the Internet radios that will still be played directly by iTunes.

You can switch between the classic playlist mode and the complete iTunes integration by using the iTunes Integrated Mode command in the Audirvana Plus menu.

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