Everything about Coupon Codes

Where to get promotional discount coupon codes and where to add them in the checkout to apply the discount.

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Getting Discount codes for NativeDSD.com

Discounts are fun, there are a few ways to get discount codes:

  • Via our newsletter we distribute codes for discounts. You can sign up at the contact page at bottom of any page at NativeDSD.com

  • Via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts we will also publish codes.

  • When you sign up for NativeDSD Plus, you get a permanent discount that is automatically lowers the pricing of any album available in the shop.

Applying the discount code in the Cart / Checkout

  1. Copy the code from where you are getting it to your clipboard.

  2. Paste, or just type the code in the Coupon Code box on the cart or checkout page.

  3. Click submit and wait a few seconds, do not refresh the page.

  4. The code is now active and the discounted amount is shown.

If you are experiencing issues, or a code is not working, please send us a message via support@nativedsd.com or start a chat with us in the lower righthand side of any page using the message box.

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