Play .dsf files on Sony HAP-Z1ES
Playing DSD files and fixing issues with artwork and covers not showing up
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To listen to DSD 64 and DSD 128 Stereo on the Sony HAP-Z1ES you will need to copy the Stereo DSD files to the internal hard disk of the Z1ES.  That can be done using the Windows Explorer or the Mac File Manager (depending on your computer type) or via the file transfer software provided with the Z1ES.

DSF files work the same way as FLAC files copied to the Sony HAP-Z1ES.  

  • You can name the subdirectory for DSF files on the HAP server anything you like (such as SACD and DSD) as long as the new folder appears in the HAP_Internal directory. After the DSF folders and files are copied to the HAP hard disk, the HAP server will index them and add the files to your HAP server music collection. 

Note: The HAP server will play Stereo DSD 64, Binaural DSD and Stereo DSD 128 files.  It will not play Stereo DSD 256 files or Multichannel DSD 64, DSD 128 or DSD 256 files. 

Sony HAP-Z1ES Cover Art display issue

An issue with the HAP-Z1ES is that no cover art will display (you get a white image instead) when a) the downloads do not come with cover art or b) the cover art image size is very large.

Proposed solution:

  • Use a program named 'Tag and Rename' to check the metadata and cover art before importing the files to the HAP server. In some cases you will need to resize cover art down to where the HAP server can easily handle and display it.

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