NativeDSD has developed it's own download manager! It is available for MAC (10.13 or later) and Windows and it is called NativeCore Downloader. The Mac Installation is explained below. Windows installation instructions can be found here.

MAC instructions

  1. Download and unpack the .dmg file from your NativeDSD Account. (make sure you are logged in to the site).
  2. Double click the .dmg after downloading, and enter the remote disk that is opened and drag application to application folder.
  3. Go to application folder and open the app.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen, or see below in this guide.

NativeDSD Music is a registered Certified Apple Developer, and the app has been notarised by Apple.

Authorize the App & Load your Albums for Download

  1. Copy the 6 character Token on the screen of the downloader (just like the above image). If no Token appears, please restart your MAC and try again.
  2. Go to your NativeDSD account and open the Downloader Tab. (You need to be logged in to the site to access these pages).
  3. Click the Authorize Downloader button and enter the token as seen in the app in the field and click submit button.
  4. Go back to the application and click Check Authorization button.
  5. All set! Your albums should now load in the overview screen. It may take a minute.

New purchases are pushed to the application every couple minutes. After placing new orders, please have some patience for the music to become available in the download manager.

The user manual for the application is available here

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