We recommend using our own NativeDSD Download manager app or to use the save to Dropbox function instead of the .zip browser downloads.

Downloading .zip files through the browser

Please follow these steps to download your order through the browser:

  1. Head over to your profile icon at the top right icon on www.nativedsd.com, log in if needed.

  2. You will land in your account home page and you can find your orders.

  3. The music from your most recent orders are at the top of the download tab page. Click on the download button for the music you still need to download, alternatively, you can choose to save to Dropbox.

If download button is missing you may contact us if you would like to request more download starts.

Downloads are slow, timeout or fail

Sorry about that! Here are some tips:

  • Please make sure you are using a wired connection instead of wifi to download packaged that are large. Especially (Multichannel) DSD256 and DSD512 albums are bigger and will require a steady connection.

  • The NativeDSD Downloader app is available and will be more stable than browser downloads.

  • Only have one download running at a time.

  • Google Chrome has proven to be the most stable in recent times.

  • Consider using the Save to Dropbox feature. This does require a paid Dropbox account as all albums are larger than the free allocated space a non-paid dropbox account gives you.

  • Make sure to have plenty of free drive space available.

  • Have patience! :) We would love to display the complete file size for a zip but amazon does not let us see file sizes that are over 2GB, and many of the tracks are, so that would be inaccurate information.

If all this is to no avail. Please contact us so we can battle this together.

Changing the location the files are downloaded

The default download location depends on which browser you are using. Below are links that explain how you can set this manually.

Select where the .zip file is stored

How to set download location in Google Chrome

How to set download location in Mozilla Firefox (Mac)

How to find a file downloaded with Apple Safari

How to set download location in MS Internet Explorer (PC)

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