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Installing the NativeDSD Downloader on MacOS
Installing the NativeDSD Downloader on MacOS

Understand how to download and install the Download Manager on a Mac provided by NativeDSD

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NativeDSD has developed their own download manager. It is available for MacOS and Windows. The Mac Installation is explained below. The latest version info can be found here.

MacOS Install instructions

  1. Download and unpack the .dmg or .zip file from your NativeDSD Account. (make sure you are logged in to the site).

  2. Double click the .dmg after downloading to open the remote disk, drag the application to application folder. You may then eject the remote disk and delete the .dmg file. If you chose the zip, the resulting app be extracted next to the zip. You may delete the zip after use.

  3. Go to application folder to open the app.

  4. A MacOS warning will display checking to make sure you want to open the app. click Open.

  5. Follow the authentication instructions in the user manual.

NativeDSD Music is a registered Certified Apple Developer, and the app has been notarised by Apple.

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