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When you order at NativeDSD you are offered a direct link to a .zip file that contains the album you purchased, in the selected quality and channel, directly after your payment is completed. If you purchase single tracks, that .zip file is created especially for you, so that process takes some extra time.

You can buy and download music from from any country in the world.

Downloading or re-downloading an album or custom track selection

Please follow these steps to (re)download any order:

  1. Head over to your profile at the top right icon on
  2. You will land in your account home page.
  3. The albums from your most recent orders are on this page. Click on the download button for the album you still need to download.

You can find your complete order history in your account menu too, with links to the download page. (There you can utilise the 'Save to Dropbox' function as well.)

More information about custom .zip files with track selection

When you order separate tracks, they are compiled with the artwork and booklet into a .zip file. Then this file is sent to a host near your location. This takes up to 15 minutes and in some cases up to 30 minutes.

If you experience times over 30 min., then something may have gone wrong on our side, send us a note at or use the question-box in the lower right corner of this page to get in touch.

Downloads are slow, timeout or fail

  • Please make sure you are using a wired connection instead of wifi to download packaged that are large.  Especially DSD128 and DSD256 albums are bigger and will require a steady connection.
  • If you experience issues and cannot complete a download, our best advice is to wait 30 minutes and then try again.
  • If you keep experiencing issues, please contact us and we'll always find a solution to complete your order.

Download permission error

Even though you should always be able to download your purchases again, it sometimes happens that the link-creator makes a little mistake and that you are not able to download your music. Please drop us a line and we'll get it fixed.

Changing the location the files are downloaded

The default download location depends on which browser you are using. Below are links that explain how you can manually select where the .zip file is stored.

How to set download location in Google Chrome

How to set download location in Mozilla Firefox (Mac)

How to set download location in Apple Safari

How to set download location in MS Internet Explorer (PC)

Downloading the free test files does not work

Sometimes browsers will attempt to play back the free test files. The test files are not .zip packaged, but direct .dsf files. 

  • Simply right-click the download-button and 
  • select 'save linked file as' so that 
  • the .dsf file will download instead of open in a new window.

Alternate workflow with Firefox

If clicking the link results in your browser window trying to play the file, rather than downloading it, this may help:

  1. Copy the link in your right click menu from this message.
  2. Open the Firefox browser
  3. Go to Tools > Downloads (or hit Command-J)
  4. Hit Command-V to paste the link copied in step 1.
  5. The file should download to the location defined in Firefox preferences. It looks like this.

Why there is no "download manager".

Building or licensing software that serves as a 'download manager' to download files is a costly thing. NativeDSD is a small company and is investing time and money in sourcing great music for you. Eventually we of course want to offer more download-options. However, until now no issues with the current direct zip download.

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